160119_Artchimboldi - Old House_021

Beauty more than aesthetics

Beauty is aesthetic when a feeling is attached to it. Basically it doesn’t only look good, but it touches you. It goes one step beyond aesthetics. It transports you in some way. It’s not an agreed code: It brings in the immeasurable. When something touches you, it moves you and your feelings, so beauty could +


The old furniture charm

I don’t know why I’ve always liked the old furniture. The old age somehow attracts me. I recon it’s because of the lived story behind the piece of furniture, or maybe it’s because I’m attracted to people that have lived good or bad experiences that may have made mistakes but they made it. The Japanese +


Food, a tool to inspire

At Artchimboldi we like healthy eating but we also like the whole experience to be enjoyable and attractive to our eyes! And we also like to be flexible. We think that food that is eaten feeling sad or obliged, mainly without pleasure, will not nurture us. We like the Buddhist mentality: they are vegetarians, but +