The old furniture charm

I don’t know why I’ve always liked the old furniture. The old age somehow attracts me. I recon it’s because of the lived story behind the piece of furniture, or maybe it’s because I’m attracted to people that have lived good or bad experiences that may have made mistakes but they made it.

The Japanese concept Wabi-sabi makes me understand why: is centred on the acceptance of transience and imperfection. A search for the simple things, accepting its decline and ageing”. All these concepts are so humane!

We are not perfect and we keep ageing and it seems everything brings us to forget it or not willing to accept it.

Offices and meeting spaces are usually cold, missing this humane touch, which can be easily  obtained trough this old piece of furniture, a lived, unique, special piece with a lot of personality.

160208_Artchimboldi - Monistrol-Botiga_031furniture_m2

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