Maca, a plant that can help manage stress

Maca (Lepidium meyenii i Lepidium peruvianum) is a small radish that grows in the highest Peruvian Andes steppes in an area known as La Puna that has hardly no oxygen in the air. The temperatures are extreme and you can go from the most intense heat in the mornings to the coldest freezes at night, with icy winds, persistent snow and a very intense solar light. In these hostile climate conditions, maca finds, however, its way to live.

Because of its resistance capacity, maca is considered to be one of the most interesting adaptogens and immune stimulants in the American Continent. It promotes the body’s biochemical balance and it can help it face stress, anxiety and exhaustion states. Maca has a tonifying action that works without substances like caffeine that simply makes you nervous.

At Artchimboldi we prepare a bowl with almond milk with maca and oat cereal that is delicious!

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