Abans i després

Què fa un racó bonic? Per començar una neteja de cara. El terra polit, les parets i finestres pintades i arreglar les persianes. Després la llum. La calidesa de les teles dels coixins i l’estora, la simetria dels bancs, el contrast del romanticisme dels colors de les rajoles amb el ferro dels bancs i la +

160119_Artchimboldi - Old House_021

Beauty more than aesthetics

Beauty is aesthetic when a feeling is attached to it. Basically it doesn’t only look good, but it touches you. It goes one step beyond aesthetics. It transports you in some way. It’s not an agreed code: It brings in the immeasurable. When something touches you, it moves you and your feelings, so beauty could +


The old furniture charm

I don’t know why I’ve always liked the old furniture. The old age somehow attracts me. I recon it’s because of the lived story behind the piece of furniture, or maybe it’s because I’m attracted to people that have lived good or bad experiences that may have made mistakes but they made it. The Japanese +

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Space influences us

The original idea for Artchimboldi arises from the concept that an environment influences us. In other words, if this environment is comforting, it can help us feel better and as a consequence, it will help us think more creatively. Ilse Crawford, one of UK’s most respected designers confirmed what I had sensed and experimented with +