Maria Montessori inspires us

Maria Montessori was an Italian doctor who totally renewed the teaching methods of the early twentieth century. Her philosophy and her method have been very inspiring for me as a mother, but also at business! She used to give glasses and glass jars to children convinced that this was the way they’d learn to be +


Chia meringue with mango

This is one of the recipes that Elka from Lala Kitchen designed for us. We didn’t know much about chia seeds, as they’re not so common here. Providing many health benefits, it’s an easy element to incorporate in our diet and it’s delicious! Ingredients: 250ml almond milk ½ a lemon peel ¼ tsp cinnamon ¼ +

160226_Artchimboldi - Reunions_042 copy

Space influences us

The original idea for Artchimboldi arises from the concept that an environment influences us. In other words, if this environment is comforting, it can help us feel better and as a consequence, it will help us think more creatively. Ilse Crawford, one of UK’s most respected designers confirmed what I had sensed and experimented with +

160119_Artchimboldi - Old House_068

An old new space

It was love at first sight when I saw this flat. Its antiqueness made me feel like the space had a soul. It was pure beauty all surrounding me and it changed the way I felt at that moment. I found an iron kitchen, old wallpapers falling apart, a hidden train track… A lot of +